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The Company

Founded in 2008, Macadâmes is a Physical Theater Company that mainly creates shows for the public space. Choosing a specific location, Macadâmes writes performances where the movement speaks first. The body of these mimes with their clownish looks tells the feelings that arise from these fabulous places. This physical street theater wants to question the art in everyday life and explores the limits of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Macadâmes investigates anthropological and sociological concepts through its creations and seeks into the combination of the live music and the body in motion, the poetic challenge of the movement’s musicality and the sound's corporality.

→ 2010 | Chaussée Interdite aux Piétons - Roadway Closed To pedestrian | For this first creation, Macadâmes lays the foundations of its artistic uniqueness. Urban space - Storytelling - Movement - Live music - Audience Role

→ 2013 | La douleur n’est qu’une information - Pain is only information | With this second street show, Macadâmes continues to investigate its physical, graphic and sleek theater, intimately linked to live music.

→ 2014 | Si Les Oiseaux se Cachent pour Mourir - If birds hide to die | Macadâmes, in collaboration with the Passanbleu Company for this show, develop a unique poetic world by mixing their artistic identities and disciplines. A new challenge but guided with the same preoccupation: telling a story through the language of the body, such as mime, dance, acrobatics, object manipulation, clown and music.

In the early phase of the company, Macadâmes experiments different show concepts like happenings and invisible theater for specific urban spaces. The actor body's expression and actions, the storytelling and the spectator’s place in an environment not intended for the show are the major focus at the time.

→ 2008 | Passantes - Passersby | Fantomale duo for train stations.

→ 2009 | Ivres visites - Drunk visits | Unexpected solo for bars.




The Team

Macadâmes also was made by these incredible people: Clément Chaboche, Julien Stella, François Guillemette, Clémentine Julle-Danière, Eva Lochon, Claire et Mélou (32), Nelly Donnat et Hugo Ferron (Passanbleu), Julien Athonady, Mélanie Deyme, Nicolas Roth, Elise Delamotte, Eliane Forciniti, Marine Dudan et Céline Vacher. Thanks to each one of you


Incoming Show

Previous Shows



Without Words in residency September  2022 - MOVEO - Barcelona, Spain

MOVEO – centro de teatro físico y mimo corporal, en su programa de residencias –

Without Words in residency October/November 2022 - Chapiteau Méli Mélo - Versailles, France


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